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done with you design services to create your dream home


“Nalasa's advice immediately shifted my energy and the energy in my home."

Your Dream home is personal...

Ocean views, a lake house, or mountains. A city for glamour, country for peace. Walk-ability, access to Nature, a good school system, and accessibility of fresh produce.

The house. Your predominate habitat. Maybe... you envision an open modern concept, a decked out tiny home, or a restored townhouse. Features include an entertainment worthy kitchen, and a hot tub to watch the stars…

In designing your dream home people most often think about the physical things. But your dream home is so much more... it is a vision of who you want to be and this illicits deep feelings. 

Such as safety, belonging and happiness. The visceral joy that will animate your home. Fantasies of celebrating with family and friends. Having a places for your creativity to flourish. Easy access to nature or walking paths. 

We envision the house but what we seek is connection. To our selves, our loved ones, and ultimately the earth and nature around us.

Your Dream Home is your access point, the place where you merge with the global ecosystem. That feeds your continued growth.

Your home is so much more than meets the eye.

It is your personal palace and sanctuary.

Your personal playground and recharging station.

In designing your dream house it’s more than the wall color or couches.


It's the structure of the space and your personality expressed throughout.


It's living in a clear energy field that enhances your vitality.

It is designing for everything to simply feel right. 

Alive, vibrant. You.

Organic Interior
Home Garden


60 minute In-depth energy & design consultation 

Attain clarity where ever you are at in your Dream Home Journey 

House with Chimney

Uncertain about whether to stay in your home or move?

Image by Alex Russell-Saw

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed about clutter?

Hand Touching Water

Unsure how to make your home feel calm and collected?

Do you feel at odds with your house?

That you are fighting with the space, your possessions, or even yourself? 

The Dream Home Alignment session is a gentle path to uncover your next move in the creation of your ideal home.

HOme alchemist

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Interior Spatial Designer,

Intuitive Energy Architect & Confidant

Transform the quality of your home and your relationship

to your environment


Stay in the know

on offers, insights, and tips to

spread beauty throughout your world

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