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Design is more than placement of objects



Design created from 

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and rooted Intention

Are you...

~ uncertain about wether to stay in your home or move?
~ going through a transformation and your house isn't keeping up with you?
~ combining households with your significant other and having trouble navigating the space?
~ uncertain about where to begin with your project?

Setting up your home and feeling grounded and supported by where you live is monumental to your health and wellbeing. Often overlooked and not prioritized.


I help you navigate the complexities
of setting up your home on the
energetic and practical levels so you simply
love where you live

Main Background

done with you services that create wellness throughout your environment bringing you into alignment.

Energy First Design

- Curing sick building syndrome

- Fragmented stuck energies

- Blocked trauma tied to possessions.

- Problems around stress, sleep, and mental clarity

Helping you

- Gain clarity of your dreams

- Assist you throughout your home transition process

- Prioritize the things that matter

- Create systems that work with your lifestyle

-Design a space you love

Together we will

Our holistic approach

Specializes in

- Wellness focused design 

- Full bodied Connection with your space 

- Energy and land healing 

- Intentionality 

- Understanding of complex trauma attached to clutter and possessions 

- Highly creative minded 

- ADHD and Neurodivergent design planning 

- Energy Design Principles of Feng Shui and Vastu Shasta 

- Nature forward - Biophilic design 

- Curing of Sick building syndrome 

- Sustainable and regenerative treatments 

- Spatial Layouts 

- reconnect with your awe and essence.

- heal discordant blocks (emotional and land based energies that are in the way) 

- design the structure that allows you to have clarity and thrive - with spatial planning, organization and decorative services


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My passion is the structure of space - having an energetically clear and supportive house that works for you and accurately represents who you are. 

I am your advisor,

helping you attain what you love and making sure all the pieces fit together.

Over 20 years experience designing, moving homes, and setting up systems that work.

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an Alignment session with Nalasa, and I cannot recommend it enough!

From start to finish, the session was both calming and invigorating, leaving me feeling renewed and refreshed in both my personal mindset as well as the plan for the interior of my new home."

~ Cami Low 

  CEO Results By Cami 

Untitled design-11_edited.png
Untitled design (4).png
Untitled design (4).png
Main Background

Our Values
&  Principles 

Functionality You Will Love



Health and Wellness is at the center of everything we do. 

When we live in a space that we love, the impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing improve. Our designs examine and heal the subtle energies that maybe causing additional stress, sleep problems, or mental agitation. 


Aliveness & Home

Home is a feeling. Our lives on this planet are about creation, abundance, and feeling radiant as you. Where we live is an anchor point for your ability to shine in the world. This is the essence and the lens that we create your home from. What brings you alive?


Functionality as Beauty

Beauty is more than skin deep.. 

From sourcing of materials to how all the pieces function together. Layouts of kitchens and living rooms, utilizing storage spaces, we prioritize making a structure that works for you and your families needs. With personality and dreams weaved in. 


Human Centered Approach

You are unique, each space is unique. But there are practical components that make a place sing.

We work on discovering your style and lifestyle and making this the forefront of our process. 

a space where
you are supported completely 

Set up a free consultation to see how we can help


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