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Morning Mist over Forest

"Nalasa's advice immediately shifted my energy and the energy in my home."

- Connie Pertula
     Health and Wellness Coach

An energetic burst

of motivation, love, and clarity

to revamp your home and get inspiration flowing.


An hour long attunement, healing, and holistic design session

A space for you to connect deeper

with yourself and your home.

Are you unsure where to begin with your home?

Do you have a trouble area that is ‘irking’ you?

Do you feel like you are fighting with your possessions or the building itself?

Feeling disconnected from you space?

I specialize in working with creatives, people who have done inner work but feel their home doesn’t lineup with who you know yourself to be. 


will benefit from this experience?


iS an alignment Session?

It consists of 2 parts 

  1. Talking about your space. 
    Your likes, dislikes, what is going on with you and how you feel about living in your environment (it is great if you have an area you specifically want to focus on for design ideas but it’s not necessary). 
    I will give easy to apply recommendations that will have the biggest impact.  

  2. My signature               aka An Activation Visualization Meditation - An Energy Healing session that connects you with your lived experience ecosystem that will leave you feeling fresh, connected, and able to easily take aligned action.


Is the best time to have a session?

Life is personal. I think more clarity is good all the time but only you will know when you are ready to receive it, and if I am the person to assist.

I help you find your way, attuning you to the frequency you want to live in and helping establish that in your physical world.


If you are feeling overwhelmed with moving? unsatisfied with where you live? Feeling stuck with design choices? Or needing assistance with a pair of fresh eyes to see you and your home?


will this benefit me?

Magic can be hard to explain. 

The effects of a calm nervous system with focus in the right direction can lead to new worlds opening.

I meet you where you are at right now... and together you gain a deeper context of where you are at in life and what subtle energies are at play in your home.

Forest Home

PeOpleS ExpeRienceS

"Such a fun, enriching experience!

We started with an intake form and recorded video of my space so she could prep before her call.

When we met on the phone, she immediately drew my attention to a number of areas within my office that were not optimal: my back was to the doorway, I had clunky furniture in my abundance corner, and my soul really wanted to have a command center (sounds about right!).


I love how she pulls in a variety of modalities including Feng Shui, Human Design, Organizational Systems, Reiki, and more!


We ended the call with a visualization to connect deeper with my space.

I was so excited by our session, I immediately got to work on rearranging my whole office. My soul feels more comfortable AND powerful in this position. And, come to think of it, I did get a number of financial opportunities several days later!

Thanks so much for sharing your unique gifts with the world! I’m honored to have been on the receiving side of them."

Katie Hill

Digital Consultant and Online Business Manager




Other things to mention...

  • I do energetic healing work during the session. In the activation process we are actively clearing away unnecessary energy and planting new frequencies for expansion. 

  • I am an intuitive channel. Each session is individual to you, where you are at and what you need. 

  • I will check your Human Design and Gene Keys chart before a session. While not delved into during our time. This give me an understanding of how your energy works, and I supply fragments depending on my intuition. This allows for better landing of the information and for insights.

  • I always pull a card or two before our session. Tuning into your energy and seeing what insights and remembering are needed.  

  • you will receive a beforehand questionnaire 


All sessions are custom tailored to you and are done via zoom.

"What is an AVM?"

An imaginative sensory experience


Activation - The session activates the interconnectedness of life and integrates experiences you have had in the past. Bringing context and clarity to your present moment. This get rooted and activated in your body and home consciously. Allowing for a smoother natural progression of growth. 


Visualization - The power of the imagination is tremendous. During the process I take you on a journey through your senses and life experiences. When we visualize we activate our nervous system, calm the mind, and are transported through space and time. 


Meditation - This process naturally brings you into a theta or deep relaxation state. The benefits of meditation are amassing. Ultimately it gets you into a state of ease that allows for healing, reprograming, and ultimately accessing your Heart intelligence. ​

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