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I am so glad you are here! 

My purpose is to arouse the beauty and tranquility that is your birthright.

I do this by transforming how you connect, interact and live in your space.

For me this is pure magic.

This is energy work, design planing, and really seeing what is present. 

When we are connected to our environment we are also connected to ourselves. 

It feels like a magic secret that no one is talking about!

Sure decluttering and home organization is all the rage right now but they approach it from a material perspective. 

Form follows energy.

I design and work with you, your energy, your home's energy and the aliveness of the cosmos. 
5-week program to transform your Home.png

What is your home really?

~ It is the place where you spend most of your time.

~ It gives you shelter, a base to explore the world,

~ It holds your most loved possessions, your family, memories and stories. 


The stories we tell about our space may be unconscious.

Next to ourselves it is 'who' we spend the most time with. 



my main premise

You have an energy field and the space you live is an extension of that energetic field.

There is constant relationship between who you are and the land, walls, and belongs that occupy your environment. 

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Our holistic
Design Philosophy

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My work focuses on energy and frequency first. 


I think of homes like a journey.

They are part of you.

Your playground.

They represent what is going on inside of you.

When optimized they connect you more deeply with yourself,

and give you strength and stability to soar. 


My work can look like many things - but it is centered around MOVING.


What I mean by this is all the aspects that happen naturally

when we uproot and move. 



I make this process magical, conscious, and fun! 


Our space is tied to our identity.

Moving very rarely happens simply because...

there are reasons and life changes that instigate a move.


Anything from finally getting your dream home, changing career,

or addition, loss or sickness of a family member. 


When we are dealing with so much physical STUFF it can feel stressful and overwhelming.


They say, moving is one of the most stressful life events. 


You aren't just moving - You are reimagining yourself and your life. 

Of course this is going to invoke stress in the body. Our system is letting go, upgrading, and recalibrating to a new home, climate, and self image, etc etc


I find this incredibly exciting.


When done consciously and with support it can be so transformative.


This is a liminal space that allows you to pivot and create the world of your dreams. 

~ decluttering, releasing, clearing homes, 

~ energetically stabilizing you, allowing your system to feel grounded as you are in flux

~ settling in, design, dowsing, creating the home you love







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Founder of Ascension Aesthetics.

My love of global adventure, spiritual evolution, and space design has combined to create a unique perspective of how people interact with their environment and how to design with frequency and perspective in mind. 
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waYS tO wOrK with Me






1:1 consulting 

& Design

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