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Brainwaves of Your Home

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Our environment dictates how we think, feel, and our level of ease.

Just like humans have different thoughts and wave lengths that dictate different levels of thinking and relaxation. Our interior and exterior spaces also hold frequencies or ‘consciousness waves’.

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The 5 Frequencies

Beta Waves

“Beta waves are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind” and have a stimulating effect.

Think conversations, debate, and active and alert states. This is our daily conscious thought, logical, linear thinking state of awareness. Where most people spend most of the time.

When our houses are in this state it can be hard to relax. The house can feel ‘stuffed’ with out much breathing room. Clutter is common, disorganization, the energy can be chaotic and conflicting. The space isn’t cohesive or isn’t sure where exactly it is going.

If the beta wave energy is too high in a space it effects individuals negatively.

Our bodies can’t fully relax in these environments. There may be a desire to move. Anxieties, stress, tension, mis-communication between occupants. There is a heightened charge that is palatable within the environment.

You may feel tired, lonely, isolated. Thinking clearly can be hard. We feel separate and disconnected from the environment.

Contributing factors: Electrical currents and technology, bright artificial light, clutter, chemicals, and lack of nature or natural elements.

Example Locations: New York Times Sq, Pawn shops, Big chain grocery stores, some gyms, Highly cluttered or poorly designed homes, Facebook

Beta brain waves oscillate between 13-30 Hz.

Alpha Waves

Alpha brainwaves come in the first stages of relaxation. Imagine having a laugh, taking a bath or floating down a river. Even just the thought of these things, brings a different sensation to the body.

This is when our mind can relax, without the necessity of concentrating on anything. Research on the benefits of meditation and the decrease in depression comes by accessing this state more often. Relaxed awareness and thoughts. Taking breaks, going for a walk in the woods or around the block. This is the state where we get insights in the shower.

We start to experience sycronysities and are immune/endocrine system is calm.

An Alpha home is more comfortable. The space can feel happy and bright. Curtains and windows are open. People feel welcomed, connected, inspired. There can still be clutter and disorganization, but it isn’t as heavy or overwhelming.

There is more of a balance and harmony between the people who live there and the environment.

Contributing factors: Nice lighting systems (dispersed lighting or natural windows), water fountains, plants, organizational systems. Paint colors you love.

Example locations: City parks, museums, pictures of well designed homes in magazines, spas, retreat centers

Alpha brain waves oscillate between 8-12 Hz.

Theta Waves

Theta waves are relaxed and open waves.

The energy is bright and sparkly. This is where imagination reigns. Theta waves happen when you experience flow states or ‘autopilot.’ It is the place you enter right before sleep or waking up. Dreaming, relaxation and receptive state of mind.

When we are in a Theta environment we often feel like we don’t want to leave. It is easy to keep clean and there is a beautiful feeling of balance and order. There is light and spaciousness, a feeling of belonging.

Theta healing, hypnosis, deep relaxation, - this is where we can access and fall into sychnosities.

Contributing factors: good natural lighting, comfortable sitting, well incorporated elements of nature, items that make you smile,

Example Locations: waterfalls, forests, rolling hills, the beach, walks in nature, yoga studios, very well designed spaces

Theta brain waves oscillate between 3-8 Hz.

Delta Waves

Delta is a state of deep deep relaxation.

We are in a delta state when we sleep. The body is healing below any conscious level and is connected to the universe.

Think meditating on mountain tops or in pitch dark caves.

While having a whole home in delta isn’t ideal. It is good to have a space where this level can be easily accessed. An area that allows the mind to be quiet and at peace.

Contributing factors: a meditation room, alter, expansive views, minimalism, and items that soothe the senses

Example locations: the open ocean, mountain tops, large open spaces.

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