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Redefining “Home”

It’s not what you think

Anywhere I am sleeping tonight or maybe the next few nights, I will call ‘home’ during my day. I will say, ‘when we get home’. This could be in reference to staying at a friend's place, staying at a hotel abroad, or in fact my actual longer term residence.

My definition of home is quite fluid and encompassing - but it isn’t about the place, but my comfort and designated use of the space. By changing the definition I am incorporating myself into the environment and instilling calm, belonging, and ownership of the spaces I occupy. This slight change of mindset and language - changes everything. I am connected and in relationship to the land, the building, and the city - simply by my choice of language - to the connotation of ‘home’.

Why does this matter? Why is it important?

We usually label “home” as a place we have lived long term, where we grew up, or where we have lived for a while. It is about the establishment of a connection between self and place. Our home becomes part of our identity, we meld with it, with our environment, we make it our own.

Using the word ‘home’ for multiple places, depending where I am, reflects my outlook and belonging in the world. It changes the concept of ownership, of stability, and of what a home means. It also changes how I/we interact and move through the world.

When we are connected and at peace with our environment, our radiance shines out of us in everything we do.

The crutch is we are never not connected.

In other words we are always connected. We are intimately connected to nature and our surroundings all the time, but we don’t always notice. It can be easy to forget our connection with source, with our environment, but that doesn’t make us any less connected. When we are blinded by the illusion of separation the weight of the world can drag us down and can keep you feeling bound or dense. We get stuck on the materiality of the world, clogged with clutter, feeling stuck and unable to take actions to move forward. I degrees and have another article to read more about that here. The point is that this relationship with our environment is multidimensional and physical.

Our ‘home’ is a sense of belonging, being and our support system to create. If we are living in the present moment and are conscious of the connection to wherever we are - magic will always unfold.

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