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YOuR  wOrKSpAce

a 3 week energy+design course


Starts November 9th

Create a workspace that inspires you, Fuels your inspiration
and productivity

The Spaces you occupy create a ripple effect throughout your life. 

Perfecting Your Workspace is for you to focus on your environment, your business, and what makes you come alive. 

"Nalasa has an innate sense of beauty and design.

I highly recommend her for her sensitivity to people’s home and office spaces." 

- Sharon K. 


Presented by nAlaSa

Intuitive Designer, “Home Therapist” and Advocate for Inner Harmony

My purpose is simple yet profound: to awaken the inherent beauty and tranquillity that are your birthright. I accomplish this by revolutionizing the way you connect, interact, and dwell within your living spaces.


For me, this endeavor is nothing short of pure magic—a fusion of energy work, strategic design planning, and the profound act of truly seeing what lies within the spaces we inhabit.


In my view, our connection to our physical environment is a gateway to connecting with our deepest selves. 

In this course we will cover

nOv 9th

timing tbd based on participants locations

The Details

- Weekly live calls with Nalasa - presentation and Q&A

- Action filled 'home' work and worksheets

- Personal fb or WhatsApp group for pictures and group communication 

- Recorded sessions if missed or to rewatch


“I was so excited by our session,
I immediately got to work on rearranging my whole office.
My soul feels more comfortable AND powerful in this position.
And, come to think of it, I did get a number of financial opportunities several days later!."


Alexa Young, CA


I want to 
Perfect my workSpace,
Sign me up!

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