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Intuitive Designer ~ Energy worker
Environmental Soul Alchemist 

My mission on this planet is to love with abandon and create greater beauty in the world by reshaping how people interact and live in their space.  

This is (w)holistic design. I incorporate a multimodal approach working interactively with energy and matter transforming clients and their environment.

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My purpose is simple yet profound: to awaken the inherent beauty and tranquility that are your birthright. I accomplish this by revolutionizing the way you connect, interact, and dwell within your living spaces.


For me, this endeavor is nothing short of pure magic—a fusion of energy work, strategic design planning, and the profound act of truly seeing what lies within the spaces we inhabit.


In my view, our connection to our physical environment is a gateway to connecting with our deepest selves. 


It's a secret, a kind of magic that often goes unspoken. 


While the current trend revolves around decluttering and home organization, these approaches typically address the material aspect only.


Form follows energy. 


Thus, my mission is to partner with you, collaboratively channeling your energy, your home's energy, and the vibrant pulse of the cosmos. Together, we transform spaces into more than just functional places—they become harmonious extensions of your essence.


My unique journey has been shaped by diverse influences, ranging from energy work to design principles. This has prepared me to bring this transformative vision to life.


A nomad from birth, I have crisscrossed the globe extensively, affording me a unique vantage point on the essence of home, the profound connection with the land, and the ability to effortlessly adapt to any environment.


My educational journey includes:


~ A self-initiated primary school experience at Sudbury Valley, where I immersed myself in visual arts, culinary arts, human behavior, nature, game creation, travel, and the cultivation of deep, meaningful relationships.


~ A decade of self-exploration and global exploration ensued, during which I circumnavigated the Earth, founded a café in Ecuador, immersed myself in diverse communities and spiritual practices, and sailed the high seas, ultimately falling in love along the way.


~ University of California, Berkeley, Interdisciplinary Studies Degree. My studies encompassed human social behavior, cultural analysis, psychology, philosophy, fine art theory and practice, interior design, color theory, feng shui, geomancy, shamanism, astrology-based systems, plant medicines, and symbolic repatterning.


Along with these, and guided by my core values of love, adventure, intuition, and the pursuit of a rich, experiential life, I weave my lived experiences into my work with individuals. 


I offer my clients profound insights, encouraging them to infuse their living spaces with their own love, vitality, and passion.


Transcend the ordinary and magnify the extraordinary within seemingly routine tasks.


For me, Love is the ultimate superpower, and I ardently believe in its transformative potential.


May you, too, walk in Beauty.


Nalasa x

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