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Re'fine ~ Re'define ~ Re'Design

A fresh set of eyes
A Whole new way of Being

Dry Plants

Book Nalasa for
Home & Soul Re'Fresh

Get a taste of environmental magic.

The Home & Soul Re'Fresh is an introductory experience to 
reimagine your space with practical design tips, overall assessment, and revelation in how you are connected with your space. 

All further work with Nalasa continues from here.
Introductory Offer Limited Time
Only $111 

Want more?

After the session we can assess future ways to work together. Including packages and design offerings for ongoing support. 


All sessions are custom tailored to you and are done via zoom.

You will be supplied with a questionnaire before hand

and option of submitting a video & photos of your space. 

Morning Mist over Forest

"Nalasa's advice immediately shifted my energy and the energy in my home."

Sessions can cover

Branding Office Scap

Align your online office space by creating the perfect video set.


Create a seen image that reflects your persona, values, and brand. We look at lighting, set design, and functionality with in the work environment. 

Structure + Beauty

Assessment of functionality, image, workable areas and trouble shooting spaces. 

You can pick a single area or space to examine deeply. 


Elemental Fresh looks - colors, totems, decor - Simple small changes to enliven your living space

Energy Audit 

We will naturally uncover where there are blocks and what is going immaculately in your space. We also look at your energy and where you are focusing. 

Emil Modovan


"This has literally shaped the world I move through in ways that reverberated well beyond the four walls of my room"

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