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calibration &  Alignment

Creating Spaces That Truly Function 

An optimal space is more than design.

It is about aligning the energy of land, building, and people, ie. the whole environment. 

Thus creating a dynamic understanding and relationship.

Great design is invisible, it is frictionless for the human experience. 

This includes energetic friction as well as  the structural components of the space.


When this relationship is established, the energy set, and intension infused; it enriches all occupants and spreads a light for others.  


Outcomes include increased productivity, improvement of sleep, ease and greater comfort, decreased stress and arguments and so much more. 

whAt iS DOwSing?

Dowsing is a word that has a long history. It is steeped in lore and is most well know for water dowsing. 

Simply put dowsing is a tool, similar to applied kinesiology, it is a way to come from the heart and find out infomaration that is present.

It provides clear communication and understanding of unseen forces and energy that maybe having an influence on your health, performance, and happiness. Then I apply energetic and physical cures to align discordant energy creating an optimal space. 

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