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Design is more than placement of objects



Spaces created from 

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and rooted Intention


3 ways to work with me

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Retreat Venues
Design Planning, Layout,
and Dowsing


Retreat Leaders
Your confident and
co-containter holder


Home+Work Spaces

You want to create the most opulent space. 


A space people enter and they feel completely at ease.

That soothes their soul. And is an escape from the chaos of the world. 

Services Include: 

  • Land, building clearing and infusions (create the experience you want down to the bones)

  • Help with choosing build sites based on unseen energies and power spots 

  • Interior Design layout for function, beauty and flow 

  • Incorporating feng shui principles and biophilic design

  • Flowers, plants, and external spaces too. 

  • Human centered design

Need an extra eye, hand, and a personal confidant to help make you shine brightly? 

Feel greater ease and creative flow with a collaborative partner that helps hold you up.

All While creating a clear field for your participants to gain the maximum effect. 


I create environments that curate elegant integration 

Home+Soul Re’Fresh Session 





Ongoing Design+Space Support 

        In-home and remote Design

        consultant and confidant 



A Deeper Re’fresh 

        Energy Clearing+Infusion


        Everything needs a good bath      

        once in awhile. 


My signature

A spark for inspiration and clarity allowing ease filled actions. 


a space where
you are supported completely 

Your house is more than your home,
It is an energetic extension of your being 

All services are focused on the relationship between you and your environment. 

When we feel good in our space, we feel better in the world
And then all kinds of magic happens. 

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Home+Soul Re'Fresh session with Nalasa, and I cannot recommend it enough!

From start to finish, the session was both calming and invigorating, leaving me feeling renewed and refreshed in both my personal mindset as well as the plan for the interior of my new home."

~ Cami Low 

  CEO Results By Cami 

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Interested in wOrking tOgether?

I would lOVe
to hear From you...

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