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Retreat Space consultantion
&   DOwSing

Curating the ideal atmosphere

How would you like a ‘shadow guide’ holding the energy of the space? 

Allowing you to shine the brightest on the work you are delivering. 

Any space will massively benefit from this offer.

Wether a business retreat or a wholistic wellness space. 


Anyone working with energy, shamanic journeying, and layers of conscious awakening knows the importance of creating a clean supportive and safe container to do this work. 

The beauty of a retreat is an immersive experience that allows for growth. 

I support you in making your retreat the most impactful for all. 

I  provided whole system support that works with you in creating the ideal field/frequency/experience for your participants and yourself best outcomes. 

Red Poppy

in practice

On-site Energy+Design Support



Layout, how people move around the space both interior and exterior. 

Looking at layout and optimization of space

Creating clear flows of traffic and curating frictionless experiences 

Allows for more enjoyment and a better user experience, deeper connections with others and self


Clearing the Space

Clearing the energy of the space of past participants, stuck energy in building, and clearing negative energy hotspots. 

This is a dowsing session that primes and cleanses the who environment. 

Free mental fog, brain warp - allowing the human bio electromagnetic field to optimally function for a full recalibration retreat experience. 


Grounding Support

Setting a safe container. Working with you as much or as little as you want to create a clear intention, purpose and elevated container for you to shine and your participants to flourish. 


On-site before the retreat

While I can do some support virtually, I come for a day or multiple days before the event. To Helping with design, communication between parties, flowers, placement and energy work. 

interested in working Together

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