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a 5-week Re'Fresh starting January 18th


Home design mixed with intuitive soul work, activations, and expansion of WHAT YOU LOVE.

A creative journey.

Joining of energy and matter. 


Where you will rediscover yourself 

align your energies with what you really want


all while adjusting your home, office, and lived environment.

Do you have a project you've been meaning to get to?

Does your space need a magic wand?

Do you not know where to begin with organizing, or what systems to have in place?

A journey into playing with your space.


Sessions are going to be intuitive based on what you all need. 

Guided activations, inspiration of design elements, and motivation for you to easily tackle those physical nuisances that have been stashed up in the closet, and in your mind. 



Your external Landscape is a representation of your Internal world.png




~ Personal 1:1 Home+Soul Re’Fresh Session before program begins 

  • You will define your goals, receive a personal avm, and get in alignment with what matters to you

~ Weekly calls 

  • Topics based on intuition and what you need. 

  • Including Energetic alignment and visualizations, and Q+A.

~ Private group for discussion, community and bragging rights (show off your home transformations and insights!)

~  AVM’s (activation visualization meditation) that will leave you relaxed and bliss-filled

~ recordings of weekly sessions 

~ Design and feng shui tips, 

~ and more

THE 5 weeks of 


Nalasa… left me sitting on top of the world…

I am utterly grateful for the space Nalasa held for me, long enough to fully relish the prospect of who I am. This is a lady that you should seek out time with. For the clarity that transpires is beyond any explanation or testimonial. You have to be there.

 I love how she pulls in a variety of modalities including Feng Shui, Human Design, Organizational Systems, Reiki, and more! 

So grateful for Nalasa's insights on how to change my working space to make it cozier and more me and the meditation she led me on  was just such delicious and beautiful journey!”

Early Bird Pricing $555 til Dec 31  

Space is limited

Depending upon Application

- we will have a 15 minute intro call to make sure we are a good fit

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